Malin Gyllensvaan is a textile designer and illustrator based in Stockholm.  She started drawing at an early age and never stopped.  Now, instead of in childhood notebooks, her designs can be found on textiles for both interior and fashion as well as paper goods.  Because she can’t choose a favourite medium, Malin incorporates her two loves, gouache and pencil, in nearly every piece she makes.  

A common subject you’ll find her starting with is flowers and leaves, which put her in a meditative state perfect for creating her lush, etherial and whimsical works.  In addition to nature, she is inspired by old vintage botanical studies mixed with the patterns of the Arts and Crafts movement.  

Her clients include Ikea, Anthropologie, Åhléns, Design House Greetings, Wrangler, Camilla Norrback, American Greetings, and H&M, to name a few.

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